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How to Create an Emergency Survival Kit

  If a massive disaster wiped out power to your region right now, with no hope of recovery for at least several days, would you be ready? Would you have a way to connect with your family? Would you have enough nonperishable food for everyone? In short, do you have the...

4 Social Media Tips for 2017

The Internet and social media in particular have made it easy to share more of our personal lives with our friends. But, it’s also become easier to share with people we don’t even know. Online privacy isn’t just about protecting your personal information — name,...

Will the Cars of the Future Leave Drivers in the Past?

If you happen to be like most individuals, you start the car every morning and prepare to fight traffic on your way to work. However wouldn’t it be nice to read a ebook during your commute as an alternative? Or examine your e-mail? Even write a few texts? At present,...

7 Travel Tips for Your Money and Identity

Travelers and tourists are a dream for thieves. They’re typically carrying plenty of cash and valuables. They often have smartphones full of personal information. And, they can easily get caught up in the sights and forget to be aware of their surroundings. While the...

The Best Questions to Ask When Picking a Mechanic

“Never trust a mechanic who drives new cars. They’re either charging too much money for their work, or they can’t keep an old car running — maybe both.” —Patricia Briggs, author Okay, maybe that approach is a bit simplistic when your car breaks down and you need to...

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