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Will the Cars of the Future Leave Drivers in the Past?

If you happen to be like most individuals, you start the car every morning and prepare to fight traffic on your way to work. However wouldn’t it be nice to read a ebook during your commute as an alternative? Or examine your e-mail? Even write a few texts? At present,...
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Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

Maybe you’ve been here before. You’ve just come off the plane, picked up your baggage and gone to the rental car counter. You’re tired from the flight, about to begin an ambitious vacation or a challenging business project. And, this is the point at...
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Keep Your Campsite – and Your Gear – Secure

Camping today is just a little different than it was, say, 20 or 30 years ago. Back then, you brought some gear, some food and some clothing – just enough to sustain you for a weekend or so in the outdoors. And, you left your electronics at home. (To be fair, it...
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10 Ways to Update Your Home for Less Than a Mortgage Payment

  It doesn’t take a massive remodel, or a big budget, to make your house feel a little more like home. Inside or out, small improvements can make a significant difference — and, whether you’re handy or not, you can handle most of them yourself. Don’t believe it?...
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A Primer on Potholes

Spring is just around the corner, and that means something else might be lurking around the corner, too: A nasty pothole. February, March and April are the worst months for potholes, according to Popular Mechanics, because roads are going through a constant process of...
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